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Five Ethical Principles to Guide Putting Together a Church Planting Team

Church planting at its best may be the most strategic dimension of mission. At its worst it can be an expression of selfish ambition and turf war. The energy and excitement of a new… Continue reading

Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Christian Biography on Young People

This week I picked up Eric Metaxas’ latest book 7 Women and the Secrets of their Greatness, which provides an introductory overview of the lives of Joan of Arc, Susanna Wesley, Hannah More, Saint… Continue reading

Governance Principles for Church Councils

I was recently asked to give a presentation on how general governance principles might assist Church Councils. The forum was the Urban Mission Network, focusing quite specifically on Congregations of the Uniting Church.… Continue reading

Uniting Church in SA Strategic Plan

For several months last year I had the privilege of convening a committee which steered the development of the Strategic Plan process for the South Australian Synod of my denomination, the Uniting Church in… Continue reading

Tim Keller’s New City Catechism

Last year, Redeemer Presbyterian in NYC launched the New City Catechism, with its own free accessible app. For those not familiar, catechisms are uniquely structured clear set of teachings on Christian doctrine. They are… Continue reading

Atlanta in July

In July I’m looking forward to speaking at a couple of churches in Atlanta for the first time. On 20th I’m at Grace Midtown, then over the next three days teaching with an… Continue reading

Facts on the Separation of Church & State

I am an ordained Minister of the Word in the Uniting Church in Australia. I am also the elected member for The Park Ward on Mitcham Council. I was asked recently how I… Continue reading

A Short & Helpful Ecclesiology

Recent conversations with Christian leaders (from various denominations) highlights a desire for a way of articulating the nature and purpose of the church, with a greater emphasis of the broader context of the… Continue reading

A Few Thoughts on Paul’s Overlooked Ministry as ‘Herald’

A while ago, a friend text me a verse: 2 Timothy 1:11, For this gospel I was appointed a herald and an apostle and a teacher, and for this reason I suffer as I… Continue reading

Davis McCaughey

I’ve just finished Sarah Martin’s recent biography on Davis McCaughey. For those unfamiliar, McCaughey was a defining figure in the formation of the Uniting Church, personally drafting much of the Uniting Church’s foundational… Continue reading

Six Things I Appreciate About the Uniting Church

I didn’t grow up in the Uniting Church, and have had a diverse path into it. I was born and grew up in the pentecostal tradition, in the Christian Revival Crusade (CRC), the… Continue reading

In London still, by way of Paris

All quiet on the blog as we’ve been on holiday in the UK and France for the past fortnight. It’s been an extremely refreshing time catching up with friends and seeing the beautiful cities and countryside.… Continue reading

Church Culture: What Should be Normal?

I have many frank discussions with friends and Ministers about church. Frankly, a lot are in dire need of significant change. They’re often initially vague about what exactly  it is, but ultimately the… Continue reading

What if the Missional Church went Charismatic?

In his book on the Holy Spirit Flame of Love, theologian Clark Pinnock suggests that the presence of the Holy Spirit within the church takes two modes: sacramental and charismatic. The sacramental emphasises the presence of God… Continue reading

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