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An Australian Republic? Facts and Sentiment

In considering the question of whether Australia should move to become a republic, I think its helpful to consider both facts and sentiment. Currently, in the Commonwealth of Australia, executive power is constitutionally… Continue reading

The Lie of the Luxury Cruise (according to David Foster Wallace)

The current fanaticism for luxury cruises invites some analysis. I considered some thoughts on this strange aquatic holiday hyperreality, because it’s quite obviously – perhaps too obviously – a meaty motif through which to make… Continue reading

The History of ANZAC Day

I was intrigued to read a paper by Rev. Prof. John A. Moses, Professorial Associate in History, Charles Sturt University, on the history of this annual commemoration. Moses, along with George Davis, is the author… Continue reading

The Australian (economic) Moment

Those interested in how the economy has reflected and shaped the Australian psyche should check out George Megalogenis’s latest, The Australian Moment: How We Were Made for these Times. Megalogenis is one of my… Continue reading

ANZAC Day & How we Hope for Meaning

I’ve just returned from the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the Blackwood Soldiers Memorial. In Australia, this annual ritual commemorates those soldiers who lost their lives in war. It was, as usual, a… Continue reading

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