About Tim Hein

Rev Dr Tim Hein is Vice-Principal/ Director of Discipleship at Uniting College for Leadership & Theology and Associate Lecturer at Flinders University.

He is an ordained Minister in the Uniting Church in Australia. He is also an elected Councillor on Mitcham City Council.

Tim speaks and preaches regularly on the Christian faith.

He also co-hosts The Unmade Podcast with Brady Haran.

Twitter: @Tim_Hein

“Tim is one of the key emerging leaders in the Aussie church.  He is a gifted communicator, a sharp thinker, and an open-hearted soul.  His diverse experience gives him a rather unique perspective.  I strongly recommend him”   – Alan Hirsch 

“In Tim Hein we have that rare combination of passionate communication and rigorous theological reflection. Add the fact that he is an experienced practitioner who has served in a variety of challenging missional contexts, and you have a guy who should be listened to”  – Michael Frost 

“Tim is a man of honesty, conviction and action. He has vision, creative energy and insight into building better, stronger and more compassionate communities.”   Tim Costello, CEO World Vision Australia

“Tim has a sharp mind and a creativity in his speaking that evokes helpful imaginations that entices people to explore a relationship with God and others. We sit at the cusp of an emerging reality and Tim is one of the people who reads the signposts and midst the liquid pluralism can help people find which way is forward”  – Fuzz Kitto