New Weekly Series on Christian Spirituality, north & south of Adelaide

Starting in late April, I’m doing a weeknightly lecture series ‘Spirituality for 21st Century Disciples‘  at two locations, north and south of Adelaide. It’s a unique opportunity for people to engage in some… Continue reading

More Evangelism in 2013

In 2013 I plan to do a lot more evangelism. Personally I’ve been more challenged to focus my energy on clearly communicating the gospel of Jesus. That includes personal conversations, but for me… Continue reading

Alain De Botton’s Borrowed Virtues

Yesterday popular philosopher Alain De Botton released his ‘Manifesto for Atheists’, a supposed ten new virtues, in response to his feeling that being virtuous had become ” a strange and depressing notion”. He says… Continue reading

Mitcham Council: Election Result

Last week I blogged on why I was standing as a candidate in the supplementary election for Mitcham Council in The Park Ward. You can read that here. Well, the ballot count is in,… Continue reading

What could a Church Learn from Savile Row?

When I was in London last year, I made a visit to Savile Row. This is the famous street where the best and oldest fine bespoke suit tailors are. Shops like Anderson &… Continue reading

Why I’m Standing for Local Council

Several folk have asked my why I’m standing in the current election for Mitcham Council here in South Australia. It’s actually a supplementary election for The Park Ward due to the passing Cr… Continue reading

The Photography of Dorothea Lange

I’ve recently discovered the photography of Dorothea Lange, whose powerful images captured the stark poverty and deprivation of rural areas during the Great Depression in America.

Green Team Hindley St Project

As we start a new year, I strongly encourage you to consider volunteering in an great program serving one of the most complex and critical issues in our city. The Green Team Hindley St Project… Continue reading

One of the Greats: Dave Graney

I’ve just read Dave Graney‘s memoir 1001 Australian Nights. It’s a fascinating tumble of stories, tour diary and musings on music and culture, which I really enjoyed and read quickly. I’ve been a huge… Continue reading

Read the Bible With Me

I’m participating in the Bible Society‘s ‘Read the Bible with..’ campaign. I was asked, along with a bunch of people, to reflect briefly on seven passages of scripture. You can check out my short reflections,… Continue reading

Top 3 Books of 2012 (fiction)

Like most people, I read fiction from across the years, rather than – with some exceptions – as they are released. Thus, these are essentially the best books I read in 2012. Another… Continue reading

Top 3 Films for 2012

Ok, this year I’ve gone with a Top 3. I figure anyone can pick five good films in a year, but three (and in order) enforces some hard clear thinking: 3. Hugo I… Continue reading

Orwell & Dangerous Stories

It was a pleasure to speak twice at The Journey Uniting Church on Sunday, on ‘The Foundations of Belief in a Postmodern World”. We explored the consequences of living within a culture that… Continue reading

Talks on Charismatic Gifts: Prophesy

Recently I spoke on the topic of Prophecy at a Uniting Church resource day on the charismata, the spiritual gifting noted by Paul in 1 Corinthians 12 & 14. I’ve become particularly interested… Continue reading

Mission gear in Adelaide & Melbourne

I’ve had a small break since the last post. My writing time has been given over to writing a distance resource for a unit I’ve lectured the past couple of years, ‘Spirituality for… Continue reading

Six Things I Appreciate About the Uniting Church

I didn’t grow up in the Uniting Church, and have had a diverse path into it. I was born and grew up in the pentecostal tradition, in the Christian Revival Crusade (CRC), the… Continue reading

The Spirit Way Ahead of You (Activate Church)

The guys at Activate Church have posted the sermon I preached there last month ‘The Missional Spirit: Way Ahead of You’. You can get it here.

Damien Hirst

Spent my final day in London at the Tate Modern for the Damien Hirst retrospective. My friend Jon managed to snap a few guerrilla shots when the guard wasn’t looking. Modern art is… Continue reading

Personal Apologetic Musings

It’s been my privilege to spend this week attending a Summer School hosted by The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. I’ve been interested in apologetics since my early 20’s when I first recalibrated my faith in response to… Continue reading

In London still, by way of Paris

All quiet on the blog as we’ve been on holiday in the UK and France for the past fortnight. It’s been an extremely refreshing time catching up with friends and seeing the beautiful cities and countryside.… Continue reading

In England

We’re in the UK at present, enjoying a few weeks holiday prior to me heading off to a short summer school at Oxford. We’ve managed to arrive in between the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee… Continue reading

Why Mad Men Makes Me Want to Stop Shopping

Watching Mad Men recently prompted my thinking again on the immense but subtle role shopping plays in our lives. (lights a cigarette) The show, in multiple ways, demonstrates a point made by Erwin… Continue reading

Bonheoffer, Stauffenberg and my Father, Hairdresser of Nazis

I’ve been very moved by a recent, very readable, biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He holds great fascination for me, and personifies a combination of two interests: theology and the Third Reich. My interest in… Continue reading

On Reading Novels

Last night was the 50th meeting of Booker at the Pub. It began back in late 2007, when I realised while I have always been a constant avid reader, this had predominantly steered… Continue reading

Church Culture: What Should be Normal?

I have many frank discussions with friends and Ministers about church. Frankly, a lot are in dire need of significant change. They’re often initially vague about what exactly  it is, but ultimately the… Continue reading

The 10 Most Publicised Abusive Comments about Julia Gillard

Colleagues and I were were discussing the various costs of leadership recently, in particular the sheer exposure to criticism that it invites. This is highlighted in the political arena currently, particularly the incredible… Continue reading

A Most Pretentious Blog Post

I remember it as one of the two most overused words from University. Dropping “Oh, how pretentious” into conversation over drinks was the ultimate poison putdown. The other word was ‘irony’ (especially in relation to… Continue reading

What if the Missional Church went Charismatic?

In his book on the Holy Spirit Flame of Love, theologian Clark Pinnock suggests that the presence of the Holy Spirit within the church takes two modes: sacramental and charismatic. The sacramental emphasises the presence of God… Continue reading

Thought Bubble: Three Attributes of a Good Result

WARNING: Every now and then a new thought arrives, which may or may not just be bleeding obvious to everyone else. From now on, I’m going to bravely post them. Here’s the first: … Continue reading

Design Fetish Part 3 – Interview with Erwin McManus

I’m fascinated by Erwin McManus‘ latest move. He’s started a fashion/design label – MCMANUS – producing jackets, wallets, bags,  iPad holders, and other accessories. Erwin is a brilliant speaker, author and is Lead Navigator of influential LA Church MOSAIC. I’ve been… Continue reading

Design Fetish (Part 2: Helvetica)

The final straw for me was the cover of this bio of Dave Grohl. It instinctively felt wrong, and cynical, to put a quote about hearing of the death of his friend Kurt Cobain… Continue reading

10 min talks from TEN Conference

I enjoyed being part of SmallBoatBigSea‘s Ten Conference recently, celebrating their 10th anniversary. SBBS is the church community where friend and mentor Michael Frost is based, and its quite obviously an authentic, creative missional community. It… Continue reading

Design Fetish (Part 1)

I must recommend the documentary Objectified. After viewing it recently, I immediately adapted the next day’s lecture on Popular Culture to include a few scenes for discussion. Objectified explores design, specifically the thousands of… Continue reading

Talks from ‘The Road’

Several weeks ago I was privileged to speak at The Road event in Melbourne hosted by my old mate Mark Sayers. It was a fantastic weekend with about 250 young adults. The theme of the… Continue reading


Welcome to my online locale. This is where I’ll be sharing my perspective on a whole range of matters related to faith & culture. I’m a Minister (in the Uniting Church) so my vocation involves joining… Continue reading

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