Debra Hirsch’s new book: Redeeming Sex

debs 4I must recommend Debra Hirsch’s new book Redeeming Sex: Naked Conversations about Sexuality & Spirituality.

This is the book Debra was destined to write, drawing on decades of ministry in this area.

Typical of Debra’s entire ministry practice, it draws on a holistic Christian discipleship in order to present the discussion on sexuality in it’s fullest context.

Sharing honestly from her own story, she lays out a clear, compelling and beautiful account of sexuality.

Sexuality has obviously long been a topic of deep tension and disagreement. The merit of this book is the way Debra is able to challenge and embrace those with varying perspectives. No easy task.

It’s an accessible, well written explanation of the complexities of sex through the lens of the person of Jesus Christ. Full of grace, and radical calls to encounter the other.

I’ve long been grateful for the ministry of Debra, especially her ability to reframe our understanding of sexuality through a call to a deeper, and more authentic Christian spirituality.

Highly recommended.