The Truth about True & Romantic Love

Over the years I have intermittently given a talk on the true nature of LOVE, and told the story of how Priscilla and I got together.

It’s a story that people seem to find compelling – and although it was a deeply humbling one for me, and I feel embarrassed as I reflect on it, it seems to be a story many guys relate to, and it seems to have helped a lot of people get their thinking straight on love and commitment.

in 2013 I shared it with a bunch of college students in Myrtle Beach, and it caused such a stir that last month when I was in Atlanta, the Pastor of Grace Midtown Matt Reynolds had heard about it and asked me to switch talks for two of their services.

That’s the talk below.

Early on I draw a few principles from M Scott Peck, and then get into our story.