Do Entrepreneurs Feel Closer To God?

This from Harvard Business Review:

A new study by academics at Baylor University found that entrepreneurs prayed more frequently than other people and were more likely to believe that God was personally responsive to them.

Entrepreneurs seem to be more religious in a couple of small, but statistically significant, ways. They pray more – several times a week, on average—and are more likely to believe in an engaged, responsive God who takes a personal interest in them.

It also suggest a faith in God may lead to a great propensity to take entrepreneurial  risks.

It’s an interesting study in the context of the significant new emphasis on ministry Pioneers and Apostles, particularly through the Missional and Fresh Expression movements.

For example, The Church of England now has the Centre for Pioneer Learning in Ridley Hall at Cambridge University.

It’s a study also worth exploring alongside thinking on risk and courage in ministry in books such as The Faith of Leap: Embracing a Theology of Risk & Adventure by Alan Hirsch & Michael Frost.

There is a quite a bit written about the nature and tone of Christian spirituality & discipleship in the context of mission marked by risk, adventure, danger and initiative.

It will be interesting to see ways empirical studies may attempt to quantify and evaluate this in the future.