Dad’s Green Mission Tin

IMG_7010We’ve been unpacking in our new place, and this week my wife  stumbled upon this old green tin.

I recognised it straight away – it had belonged to my Dad, who coincidently passed away five years ago this week.

For years this tin sat on Dad’s office shelf, it was where he placed the money he was giving away to a variety of mission organisations.

I always knew Dad was generous, but only as I sorted through his papers after his death that I discovered exactly how much so, despite living the last two decades of his life on a pension.

This tin wasn’t for coins, it was for rolls of notes.

A variety of mission organisations, and even a Bible College were consistently blessed by Dad and Mum’s faithful giving.

This was always in addition to his regular tithe to his local church. From a very young age I recall Dad teaching about the importance of setting aside the first 10% for the church’s ministry, and then for other mission work, and then some for garage sales…!

With Bill Gates in town last week, many people commented on his generosity to the poor. But something inside us can easily add “…as he should, he’s wealthy enough”.

But as those within mission organisations and churches know, that while the big gifts make a profound difference, they are rare. Most organisations survive on the regular smaller giving of the many.

I’m reminded that a significant way of living a missional lifestyle is to give our money away. Not just because its the end of the financial year, but because it’s ethical, biblical and because it’s a thrilling way to live.

I don’t actually believe God’s calls most of us to poverty. But he doesn’t call the poor to poverty either.

And we can become slaves to money both by loving it too much, as well as having too little.

Why not set up a ‘little green tin’ on your online account, via up some regular direct debits?

Money is never your master if you just keep giving it away.