What Gen Y Say They Need To Live Life More Fully.


Last week in preparation for a talk with a non-profit, I conducted an online survey with questions related to values, life-pressures, identity, regrets and hopes.

I was keen to see if it confirmed some broader research, and if it caught any unusual perspectives.

The data covered a broad 25-40 age group, but I was specifically interested in the 30-35 age group, which is the first wave of Gen Y, hitting the average age of marriage and kids for the first time.

What are their reflections on life? How are they coping?

There was some very interesting responses, and a couple of surprises. I’ll share one that got my attention.

I asked quite a few questions on each issue in different ways. There were no suggested responses, just a blank space to answer:

What Do You Need To Help You Live Life More Fully?

Consider what your answer would be.

Another question one was a bit more specific: What area of life would you now most like to ‘fix’?

Again, what comes to mind for you?

Both of these questions had the same highest response – in fact it was a dominant theme running through the survey.

A clear and definite answer.

Want to know what it is?

Self-discipline and/or Self Control.