More Evangelism in 2013

In 2013 I plan to do a lot more evangelism.

Personally I’ve been more challenged to focus my energy on clearly communicating the gospel of Jesus. That includes personal conversations, but for me also public speaking.

I love talking about God with people, and as I listen, I am constantly discovering how true Paul’s words are in Acts 17, that God “…is not far away from any one of us”.

We can often forget that mission involves both demonstrating the gospel of Jesus (social justice or action), and communicating the gospel (evangelism). We’re invited to be involved in both.

Currently, much focus and activity of the many churches focuses around social justice, a wonderful and right thing.

However in recent conversations with colleagues and friends right across Australia, I know I’m not alone in sensing the focus on evangelism has decreased.

We don’t need the pendulum to swing back away from justice, but we need to compliment our missional efforts with the clarity and courage to invite people to consider following Jesus.

A few years ago I shared a few thoughts on this at a Uniting Church event (see clip below).

But has evangelism become a more complex task in Australia?

In the midst of a decade of increased missional conversation, I wonder if we’ve become any better at evangelism. We seem to have less evangelists, and less evangelistic events.

I’d love to see a new national catalytic conversation about evangelism in Australia.