Mitcham Council: Election Result

Last week I blogged on why I was standing as a candidate in the supplementary election for Mitcham Council in The Park Ward. You can read that here.

Well, the ballot count is in, and I managed to win.

And so a new chapter begins.

The surprising news was the strength of the vote, which I am quite humbled by. I managed to get a quota in my own right, with no need for preferences.

I’m very much looking forward to representing all of the residents of the Ward, and working with my fellow Councillors in the interests of a better Mitcham, specifically on those issues I have a mandate to advocate for.

These include ensuring the hills townships receive fair funding from Council for much-needed improvement to facilities, and to revitalise Blackwood.  Also for genuine strategic action on bushfire danger.

I must acknowledge the other candidates also for taking the time and energy to stand, all of whom  already serve our community in many ways.

Participating in local government will be a genuine privilege. I feel honoured to have been elected, and want to thank those who took the time to fill out a postal vote.

And I’m hugely grateful to all the  people who offered wisdom, encouragement and in some cases, real hard work through the election.