In England

Robin Hood

We’re in the UK at present, enjoying a few weeks holiday prior to me heading off to a short summer school at Oxford.

We’ve managed to arrive in between the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, and right in the middle of the European Cup, so it’s fair to say this rather patriotic country is in a rather patriotic mood.

I enjoy many aspects of England, especially the older lived-in feel. It takes for granted many things which are considered idyllic elsewhere.

We’ve stayed a couple of days in Nottingham with my great old friend Brady Haran. Brady is the creator of a fleet of hugely popular award-winning online short film series, including Bibledex and the Periodic Table of Videos. They’re interesting & addictive.

Tonight we’re staying with some old friends of Sil, Sheridan and Merryn Voysey in Oxford, so it’s a chance to show Sil my favourite CS Lewis pilgrimage points.

Whilst it’s very lovely to be here, we’re disappointed to miss participating in Walk Together, occurring right across Australia, organized by Welcome to Australia, advocating and celebrating our desire for a country marked by something other than hostility towards refugees.

For years I’ve despaired, aside from the policy, at the despicable pejorative tone in which the asylum seeker debate has been conducted. The spirit of the conversation, with better education, needed to change in our community. Welcome to Australia is doing that.

The National Director, my mate Brad Chilcott, has an opinion piece on the issue today on AdelaideNow.