Welcome to my online locale.

This is where I’ll be sharing my perspective on a whole range of matters related to faith & culture.

I’m a Minister (in the Uniting Church) so my vocation involves joining with others to help people encounter God through Jesus Christ, seeing where that makes a transformative difference to life and communities. Including (especially) the more challenging and complex aspects of life.

I also have a particular interest in how we as church can better fulfil that mission, so I’ll talk about that too.

I’m on faculty at Uniting College for Leadership & Theology, and so I’ll include interesting bits from  lectures, talks, research and other writing I’m doing on theology, mission and leadership. Likewise my love of film and music, and maybe a just little politics, will get a look in too.

A confession. About 12 years ago I participated in one of those Develop your Personal Mission Statement workshops. It felt corny at the time, but I ended up with:

‘To Articulate & Communicate Truth to our Popular Culture’. 

Aside from being grammatically flawed, its pretty audacious! But back then I was doing seminars in schools on bullying, self-image, and drugs & alcohol, and so was consumed with undoing the myths of our popular culture and explaining how things are different with God.

But all truth is really God’s truth, and so I guess that’s really still my mission.

Here  as well as everywhere else, I’ll try to be clear and thoughtful about it, as well as regular, honest and (hopefully) interesting.

Obviously you’re welcome to comment and discuss, abiding by the usual guidelines of online respect.

Lastly, a big thanks to those who offered advice and encouragement on developing the blog (Dan, Mike, Al, Steve, Chris, Josh, Nic, Linda, Rob, Mark, and the breakfast CPR boys )

Soli Deo gloria